Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lamb Surprise

We were not due to start lambing until late March, so imagine Steve's surprise when he found these new born twins yesterday!  Since then we have discovered a few more ewes (well, 35!) that could be imminent.  We'll blame it on a naughty ram.........

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Star trails

This last Wed night was lovely and clear with a good moon so Steve was out and about with his camera trying to capture some of the beautiful scenes.
 Most of the following shots were stacks of 99x30 second exposures taken with a DSLR camera.
 The Abbey was briefly lit by headtorch and the cross accidentaly lit by quad break lights !
 Steve took advantage of the presence of workmen at the lighthouse and captured this scene from the top of the tower.
  Looking across Henllwyn towards the lighthouse.The two brightest trails are Jupiter (upper one) and Venus (lower one).
  Cows up on the mountain near Pen Cristin.