Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nearly November Already!

Where does time go?!  It was back to school for Ben in September, tackling the last year of his A levels (in between disappearing with his camera to "record the autumn migration").  Both he and Rachel are currently in Kenya volunteering with A Rocha (see Rachel is doing some wildlife illustration for them and Ben some photography.
They just managed to get off Enlli in a narrow weather window last week and Steve took them to the airport. Since then another autumn storm has passed through so he is still on the mainland waiting to get back.

Steve managed to get a pre winter break in September, achieving his paragliding pilot's license, so he has since been exploring Enlli air space (on the rare calm days!)

When he gets back there's plenty of fencing on the agenda for the next couple of months...

Meanwhile, tupping has begun with some handsome new Welsh mountain rams, and the cows are just about to move from the lowland pastures to the mountain where they will stay for the winter.

And a few random photos....