Monday, November 29, 2010

Some of life's small challenges

Steve’s challenge for the last couple of months has been to replace yet more fencing on the island.  Trying to erect hundreds of metres of posts and wire in gale force winds wasn’t easy, but he has now finished the quota for this year, and despite the strong winds, it is (mostly) straight!  He has now started on some more of the winter ditching projects – in the relative comfort of the digger cab.

                                                                          Spot the digger!

Rachel’s challenge has been getting to grips with her A level courses (this has also been my challenge, along with wrestling with new shapes of baskets!)

Ben’s challenge of the month has been how to get good photographs of the wildlife on Enlli; here he is waiting for choughs and waders to wander close by on Solfach.....effective, but pretty cold!
                                         Spot the Ben!

                                          A chough posing for Ben

The wet and windy weather has now given way to cold and frosty days.  The snow laden hills on the mainland look spectacular, but yet again we have escaped any “proper” snow fall!  Rachel and Ben can have a day off school only if there’s more than 1cm of snow.....will it happen this year?
                                           The mountains of Snowdonia from Enlli

                                         Frozen hail on Mynydd Enlli


  1. Beautiful photos!Great to catch up with your 'doings' over the past two months. Did Steve manage to get any good photos of the Geminids meteor shower? Although it was clear here,too much light pollution as usual!
    We're scheduled for another dose of snow over the next few days - hope it reaches 1cm Rachel and Ben!

  2. Stunning pictures Ben!