Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Update

The last couple of months have flown by, probably because they have been so busy.....

Thankfully this year we were blessed with good weather during lambing.  Most of the lambs are well grown by now, and experiencing some of the hazards of being raised on an island:
 This lamb ventured too close to an oystercatcher nest!
This ewe managed to get her head stuck in a bucket!

We have also had a couple of sheep "rescues" recently, just to add a bit more challenge to our usual pastoral duties..........
The first involved rescuing Susi (Jo's blind sheep!) who managed to escape onto the mountain and then fell down onto rocks below Pen Cristin.

The second involved rescuing a lamb who decided she didn't want to be rounded up with her friends but thought she would explore the Irish Sea instead. She ran out onto the rocks in Henllwyn, but with the tide coming in was soon stuck on her own little island and would probably have drowned......... Here are two short video clips capturing the rescue:

The cows have been much better behaved, although theyre taking their time with calving....still 7 to go!

During April, Steve also ploughed 8 fields which have been sown with either oats, barley or a grass/clover ley, and one has been sown with Borage, specifically to provide the bees with extra flowers to forage from.
 Rachel has been particularly busy preparing for her AS level exams.  This "dew art" was part of her project.

Despite the busy period, we have been able to enjoy some of the beauty of spring and appreciate the amazing colour and intricacy of creation.  Here are just a selection of some of the spring flowers on Enlli:
 Early Marsh Orchid
Bluebells with Cristin in the backround
Spring Squill

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