Monday, January 30, 2012

January Update

There have been very few clear nights this winter so far, much to Steve's disappointment.  However, he did manage to photograph this Rosette Nebulla during a brief clear spell recently.

We have been enjoying moments of creativity, mostly making items for the craft shop.  We have added a few new candle designs to our current selection, so the beeswax candle production line has been busy!

Last Saturday was a rare calm, beautiful was balm to the soul! Here's the view from Mynydd Enlli, with Rachel in the foreground.
The sunsets and beautiful skies provide an ever changing backdrop to the South two skies are ever the same!
 However, this is our view for most of the day at the moment:
We are half way through crutching all the ewes (370 in total).......a really important job, although probably our least favourite of the farming year!  Crutching, or dagging, as it is also called, helps the new born lambs find the milk parlour. Removing the thick wool also minimises blow fly strike once it starts warming up in the spring.


  1. I enjoy the stars and sunsets, not perhaps the rear end of a sheep.

  2. I'm with you there! However, that's a lot of sheep to get through.... :-/