Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Life!

As we celebrate the resurrection life of Jesus this Easter, we're seeing lots of new life appear amongst the animals......
The fields are full of sheep and lambs, with only 20 or so ewes left to lamb, bringing the total of lambs to nearly 400.  Thankfully the cold snap last week was only a short blip in what has been really kind weather so it seems to have gone relatively smoothly...Sooty is Rachel's only pet lamb!

There are 6 calves so far; this one had a lovely set of twins:

Eleven out of twelve goose eggs hatched, giving the mother goose (Holly), quite a large brood of goslings to look after!  Ivor (the gander) is being a very protective father......

A very Happy Easter to all.


  1. Happy Easter, it looks as if you have your hands more full than usual! We'll be staying in a month so look forward to seeing all the new animals :) Lisa

  2. Happy Easter to you too. Last July seems a long time ago (I was chaplain for a week while you were in Kenya). Christine sold me lots of your lovely eggs! Your pictures make me homesick - which is strange really.

    John Simmons, Oldham