Sunday, June 10, 2012

Late Spring Update

It's been a busy few weeks...going on and off the island for various exams. Rachel and Ben have almost finished though - last one on wednesday! We're just updating the blog before we go to Scotland for a couple of weeks on our annual break...

 Rachel's first exam was her Art- 12 hours long - which she did over two days. Her chosen subject was Trees...
                     Her finished exam piece....
 Ben also had a long first exam - Photography - which he managed to complete in a day... His theme was 'A sense of place', and his piece was a photo-montage of Enlli.

The wild flowers on Enlli have been particularly spectacular this spring, especially the Thrift and Squill, which carpet areas of the South and North End...
Squill on the South End
    Thrift on the South End.

    Bird's foot trefoil.
    Thrift on the North End.

            We joined in the jubilee celebrations on monday night by lighting a beacon on top of Mynydd Enlli, as part of Trinity House's contribution...
Everyone on the island joined in...
                      ...dogs included!

Piggy has settled in well, and enjoys his outdoor foraging area.  Here he is looking very pleased with himself!

The geese have also grown incredibly's now quite hard to tell the goslings from the goose and gander!

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  1. It was great to be part of the Jubilee beacon