Friday, February 1, 2013

It's twins!

We are very pleased to announce the birth of twin girls...!
After 3 years of unsuccessful attempts, Eira has at last had two kids.  They were born last night, with a little assistance, and are thriving.  They are extremely cute and cuddly!  They have been named Eirlys (snowdrop) and Eirwen (Snow white), although at the moment they are difficult to tell apart!


  1. Congratulations, nain - and midwife. Lovely pictures- the one of Rachel especially, so well composed and tender in colours and mood (so the kids have won her over despite her lack of love for the billy). Eira looks suitably alarmed or perhaps irritated by the publicity. Gwen will love the pictures and the names as she's been appreciating the snowdrops in Cae Hen garden. Thanks.

  2. Hope they're still as cute (will you still have them..?) by May! Lovely names :)