Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lambing live

Lambing has picked up pace over the last few days and is now in full swing.  It must be a bit of a shock to be faced with such cold temperatures after the warmth of the womb, but thankfully the Welsh Mountain are a hardy breed.  It's a bit different to this time last year, when we were enjoying abnormal summer temperatures and going around the lambing paddocks in t-shirts!  
The first few sets of twins that arrived at the beginning of the week were premature and needed extra treatment.....the lower oven of the Rayburn is ideal for warming the tiny lambs up.....

Meanwhile the goose has laid a large batch of eggs and made her nest in rather an exposed location, just next to the sheep race.  We have provided her a  roof, made from an old broken pool table!

And just to fill in a few activities from the previous weeks....

The gorse had a chance to dry out in February, so we were able to burn this year's quota on the mountain just before the cut off date which is marked by the return of the Manx Shearwaters in early March.

The goat kids, Eirlys and Eirwen, are growing fast and are definitely taking after their dad rather than Eira.....they have quite a mischievous streak, and it wasn't long before they too were exploring the heights of the farmyard walls.  This photo was taken after they had been along the arch and back!

I (Jo) accompanied Rachel down to West Dean this time, where I did a rush weaving course while Rachel did a Life drawing course as part of her Art Foundation year.  I really enjoyed learning some new weaving techniques which i'm hoping I can adapt for use with the Juncus type of rush which is so ubiquitous on Enlli.

 Here is one of Rachel's life drawings:

We have been busy getting the craft shop ready for another season, and it is well stocked with contributions from us all.....more rushwork and baskets, Rachel's jewellery, Steve and Ben's photos as cards and prints, wool items (rugs, felt and knitted hats and gloves etc.) and hand-made soap.  Of course, these are still available on line if you don't get to visit the shop!

And to finish the late winter photo round up, here's a shot that Ben took from Pen Cristin early one morning last week, with Cadair Idris in the background:


  1. crikey you've all been busy, good to see there's been time for creativity :) Love the rush weaving, Ian is after a couple of bread proving baskets, I think he'll be emailing ahead of our holiday in mid-may. I hope Spring will have arrived by then....

  2. Look forward to catching up with you both in May...hope you bring the sunshine with you!

  3. Lovely things you are making, very creative all of you. Love Rachel's drawing xx