Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer catch up

Once again summer on Enlli has flown by and the summer busyness has now begun to slow down.  As it is "back to school" tomorrow (for Ben at least) we thought a summer resume would be usual a photo round up of our June holiday will have to wait for sometime in the autumn.

It has been a fantastic summer, crammed full with activity, both work and play, punctuated with precious moments spent with friends and stunning moments to stand still and capture the beauty on display all around us.

Silage was harvested throughout July and August, whenever the weather was suitable, with 320 bales now stacked ready for feeding the cattle in winter.

What would it be like without the machinery challenges thrown in?!

The ewes and lambs have frequently needed attention in one form or they are weaned and being fattened on some particularly lush clover rich pastures:

"Miss Piggy" arrived in July - another pig with character.  She especially likes going for walks with Steve:

(with instructions not to touch the Autumn Ladies Tresses!)

One of my projects has been to monitor the lowland and maritime heath.  The heather is particularly beautiful this year, filling the air with fragrance, despite becoming quite drought stricken in the dry period during July.

The honey bees are busy

The heath suffering from drought in July

The cafe and craft shop has been busy, with a few boat-loads of day visitors most days.  We have just about kept up with demand for cards, prints, honey and other shop items, and  I've enjoyed making a few extra commissions, like this particularly large wool rug:

Day visitors enjoying tea and coffee:

We've all had some summer fun, whether underwater..... the air

.....or on land

Ben's 17th birthday barbeque on Traeth ffynnon

It's always sad to say goodbye to so many precious friends who become part of the summer Enlli community...

And some views to round up:

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  1. Hello to Mr & Mrs Porter, Rachel and Ben (sorry to be so formal but I haven't read all your entries and don't know your names other than Rachel and Ben) -
    I just wanted to say it's a pleasure to be able to read about your farm life on Ynys Enlli and to see the beautiful scenery. I was watching an episode of "Coast Series 6" and there was a short segment on your life on the island and I thought "what an amazing experience that must be", so I did an internet search and found your blog! :)
    My name is Christian and I'm currently in Australia but back when I was studying in England, I used to write my own blog as well. I haven't updated it since 2010 though! Living in cities is something I have done my whole life so reading about your life on an island farm is refreshing. I visited a friend's farm in England last year and loved it. I also like art and photography (and movies, as you will see on my blog if you check it out).
    I have now bookmarked your blog and will check back every now and again to see what is happening and to enjoy the beautiful photographs. (Does Ben have a Flickr page for his photos?)
    Good luck with life on Ynys Enlli!
    Best wishes,