Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Stormy New Year

Stormy weather has been the theme for the last month, as intense low pressures have moved through with hardly a pause between each one.  Very strong winds accompanied by a 10 metre spring tide just after new year was recipe for the wildest weather and waves that we have ever seen!
Here are a few attempts to capture some of the awesome ferocity....

At times waves from both sides of the Narrows were meeting in the middle!

Cafn... and the Gabians, under the waves!

Spot the Ben!

Surveying the seething mass of waves on Solfach side...

We did move our boat, Pererin before the next high tide!

The whole coastal fringe of the island received quite a battering, and consequently there is plenty of damage... Solfach hide has completely disappeared!

The concrete slipway onto Henllwyn is in pieces, and has moved!

Stones and shingle cover the coast, and in some places there has been so much eroded away that it has changed shape!

Some huge rocks thrown up by the waves..

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