Friday, April 1, 2016

March Madness

March began with a spectacular aurora  which Steve managed to capture in a timelapse - here is a screenshot of the amazing display of colour lighting up the night sky:

The first couple of weeks were spent trying to finish all those little jobs that we had meant to do "before lambing starts" - making new compost bins, planting potatoes, chopping wood, burning gorse and getting the shop ready for the new season...

Des Callaghan, a bryophyte expert stayed for a few days to do a survey of the mosses and liverworts on the island.  I really enjoyed being able to spend some time looking at these beautiful plants that are so easily overlooked!  Steve also managed to grab a few days on the mainland - probably his last chance until June!

Lambing started on the 13th March and coincided with some lovely weather, which always helps!  The pace rapidly picked up  and we were joined by a film crew for a few days as they continued to capture scenes of the sheep activity on the island for a programme on Transhumance across Europe.  By the end of the month we had over 300 lambs bouncing around the pastures.

                                Twins number 1
                                Twins number 105

A day visitor found this dead turtle washed up on Honllwyn which was identified as a "Green turtle", apparently only the third for Wales!

Rachel and Ben headed back home, just making it back before the windy Easter weekend - it's  always lovely to have them around (especially when there are lambs to move!)

Despite the cold temperatures clinging on, signs of spring are not far away with shiny yellow celandines and mauve dog-violets brightening up the banks and birdsong filling the air...

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