Sunday, May 8, 2016

April – slow spring emergence

This month has felt like a return to winter, with persistent  low temperatures, cold northerly winds and even hail, the only time the island has looked white this winter!

Even Celyn and squill looked sorry for themselves whilst sheltering from a hail storm!

Flower buds of plants like thrift and squill have not dared to open quite yet, while bracken crosiers are just unfurling, albeit slowly.

  Polytunnels are wonderful inventions, and the extra warmth and shelter they provide have helped to get veg seedlings going, whilst the tomatoes are established and growing.

At the beginning of the month it was all hands on deck to help clean up the beaches and fields around the narrows.  With residents and volunteers, a team of about 24 people spent a couple of hours filling 4 tonne dumpy bags with plastic, polystyrene and other bits of rubbish that the tides had dumped on our shores over winter.  A fantastic effort left the island looking clean and cared for, finishing with tea and cake (thanks to Sian and Ben!)

Todd, with an innovative rubbish collecting system
Many hands make light work!

Lambing finally finished on the 23rd April, whilst calving got off to a slow start, picking up a bit towards the end of the month when there were only 6 left to go so we can start looking forward to a break from 3 hourly livestock checks! 

Having said that, we have snatched some fun breaks, both on the sea and in the air (for Steve); and Jo managed a quick sortie up Cnicht with Ben when on the mainland at the end of the month….

Sian, me, Celyn and Squill helping ben check his pots...

A terrible photo, but that spot is Steve!

Walking up Cnicht, and the view down the Croesor valley

We were delighted to get the 135 tractor back, after it’s extended stay on the mainland for a bit of a makeover – it has come back looking very smart and shiny!

I have enjoyed creating a new style of basket, “Enlli pods” and a Rachel style Enlli map has been printed on some tea towels for sale in the shop

After a month of pretty atmospheric skies and mixed weather, we’re looking forward to some spring warmth in May….or is that too much to hope for?!

Some doggie shots.....

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  1. And what of the wind turbine? Has it stood up to the endless winter storms?