Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Enlli art

A painting of a grey seal.

Last week, the wind died down enough for me to go off to the mainland to do my art exam. The exam is ten hours long, so i decided to do it over two days, in five hour shifts.

My theme was Spring, and my paintings included one of two very bedraggled daffodils that had barely survived the rather turbulent boat journey across the Sound.

The exam wasn’t half as bad as I expected, as I had a room to myself in Botwnnog school where I was sitting the exam, and I was doing what I love most. It was strange being back in a school, to say the least, and not particularly pleasant, so I must admit that I was very relieved when I finished the exam and was ready to go back to quiet Enlli, (though mum and I did get stuck off for a night).

I have now finished my art GCSE, and am looking forward to exploring new tecniques and being creative without the stress of an impending exam!

Some of my work...

Watercolour painting of Snowdrops on homemade paper.

Swirls done with pastels.

Some of my polymer clay jewellery.


  1. Da iawn chdi Rachel, rwyf yn hoffi y lluniau yn fawr a'r freichled hefyd.Ann vaughan

  2. A privilege to see your art work, Rachel - love the seal's expression, the fragility of the snowdrops and those vibrant swirls. Thank you, Porters -another fascinating glimpse into "what do you find to do on Enlli?"

  3. More fantastic work Rachel! I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to some sketching on the island in the summer.

  4. Great to view the first new lamb of the season and photos of Rachel's lovely jewellery. Hope the weather warms up for you. Much love, Mum

  5. Love the Photos ! :)

    Lauber's @ Switzerland