Friday, March 12, 2010

Lambing has begun

Today we have had our first lambs of the year....the beginning of a busy 5-6 weeks, as there are approx. 350 ewes to give birth.

It has started a couple of days earlier than we expected, so today we also moved all the pregnant ewes into the 'lambing paddocks' - pastures which have been kept free from grazing over the winter so that there's (hopefully) plenty of grass for them. The ongoing cold weather has been a problem, slowing the usual spring growth, so finding enough grass will be a challenge if it doesn't warm up soon.

This little lamb got a bit cold and needed warming up in the bottom of our aga!

So, we're really praying for green grass, happy sheep and healthy lambs!

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  1. Hi Guys
    Just discovered you had a blog, how bad is that! Great to keep up with your news. Me and Ann were over the Gap Sunday night and giving it some for you with the Cardiff guys.Keep em coming.Grace, Peace, blessing and resources for you over this time.
    Love Tim Ann n Kez