Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Goat Saga

Once upon a time Steve and Jo had some Angora goats. Without going into detail, they were not a success. They certainly lived up to the bad reputation goats have acquired - as escape artists and as stubborn creatures. Steve was heard to mutter "never again" on numerous occasions.
It has taken 10 years to persuade him otherwise. Last week we made a special boat journey in Pererin to collect two British Saanan goats, who had travelled all the way from Cambrideshire to join the Enlli menagerie. Having researched the various breeds of goat, these are (apparently!) the most docile and are good milkers.

"Never again" was muttered soon after they arrived.......
As a result of the long road journey, with a bit of sea sickness thrown in at the end, the milker went downhill rapidly with what was diagnosed (by the expert honorary vet, Gareth Roberts) as milk fever. She was not a happy goat, unable to stand up for 3 days. However, many Calcium injections later and much molly coddling, she is now fit and well again and are both happily munching Enlli brambles, gorse and grass.
Morwenna ('white sea') is producing 4 litres of delicious creamy milk each day, the surplus of which is sustaining the pet lambs.
Eira ('snowy') is a cheeky one year old goatling who will hopefully be bred and have a kid or two this time next year.
May they both live happily ever after....well, for a good long time anyway.

Morwenna and Eira outside their new willow shelter (which I hope they don't eat!).


  1. Great to see the goats - especially Morwenna standing up! Look forward to meeting them, not so sure about the milk. What about goats' cheese?

  2. We've posted about you at and added your blog to our Google Reader we can stay abreast of adventures on your exquisite island.

    Our WordPress software is acting odd and doesn't want to show the photo of Ben and the goats on our homepage. But if you click on the photo it will open up.

    Many blessings on your beautiful family.

  3. Sorry but I couldn't help chuckle at you writing "I hope the goats don't eat their willow shelter"...... having kayaked over to visit you last weekend, we witnessed a much thinner - but still beautiful - shelter! And the goats milk in our tea was yummy!! Great to see you all and good luck with the rest of the lambing. Maybe we'll see you again during calving!!
    love Justine and Barry